Before It Bytes!

Slogan for the SecuraBit show contest!

So we were all sitting around talking last night trying to come up with a catchy slogan for our show and decided that since it’s a show for all of you, we’d like to get some feedback from the listeners as to what our slogan should be. From there we’re going to generate some pretty cool schwag. So that being said, whoever comes up with the slogan that we will use to promote the show will get a Yubikey which we covered on Episode 1 and from what I hear from Chris it’s a pretty useful authentication tool. So brainstorm and leave us your feedback and we’ll announce the winner come Episode 3 depending on the amount of feedback we receive.

10 Responses to Slogan for the SecuraBit show contest!

  1. adham says:

    slogan ideas:

    1. “Securabit before it bytes”
    2. “Simply Secured”
    3. “Encrypting your Knowledge”
    4. “Securing the Unsecured.”
    5. “Sniffing your airborne packets.”

  2. Securi-D says:

    1. “SecuraBit more”

  3. Solray says:

    Securabit: Security for everyone’s naughty bits…

  4. Chris Riley says:

    Loving the show… keep it up.

    Slogan Ideas .:

    “More than (just) a bit secure”
    “More security than you can shake a stick at”
    “Too much to be just a bit”
    “Securing your bits”
    “little blobs of security goodness”
    “Securabit here, securabit there”
    “Security….. bit by bit”

  5. JmacAttack says:

    Securabit: Securing computers, one bit at a time!

  6. tanel says:

    Securabit – Defrag your brain
    Securabit – Bits making baits

  7. tanel says:

    Weekly security injection
    Securing because we Can

  8. Anthony says:

    Securabit: Taking a byte out of the Security 0011.0001.0100

  9. Anthony says:

    Securabit: Taking a byte out of the Security

  10. tanel says:

    * Valuable tool in your arsenal
    * Increasing your security

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