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SecuraBit Episode 3

On this episode of SecuraBit, Chris, Jay, Anthony, Andy, and Chris Mills discuss:

Going MP3 only on this episode. Thanks for listening!

Direct DL: SecuraBit Episode 3 MP3

4 Responses to SecuraBit Episode 3

  1. phreak says:

    The breathing is really annoying but other than that another great show, im really digging this new podcast.

  2. Chris says:

    Sorry about that. We were using a C-1 I had floating around which pretty much picks up ALL background noise, plus it was in my dining room, not exactly the most soundproof 🙂 It shouldn’t be too bad in the next one.

  3. What did everyone think of the last 90 Seconds of the podcast.

  4. tanel says:

    Last 90 seconds were awesome… whole episode was awesome – listened two times (so far) 🙂

    You were talking about EULA a bit and I remembered this (just for fun + url says it all) :

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