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Episode 4 notice, and feedback.

Episode 4 should be recorded Wed or Thurs, and pushed out by Sunday at the latest.

I’ve gotten a good bit of feedback on Ep 3, and I think from now on we’ll have to not be drunk when the show starts. Our language did get a little out of hand and since we don’t want anyone to get fired, we’re going to make sure there aren’t f-bombs and such every other minute. The explicit tag will remain as we aren’t going to bleep every single thing out, but what happened last time was definitely out of character for what we’re shooting for.

2 Responses to Episode 4 notice, and feedback.

  1. tanel says:

    Isn’t it Tuesday today…???

  2. admin says:

    yeah we had some unexpected problems converting the audio file, we had lost 20 mins of Mills’ recording. Should be out tonight.

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