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Rainbow Tables Online Repository

So unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past couple of years, you should be quite familiar with the term “rainbow tables” and know how unbelievably awesome these are.  A fellow colleague and I were in a pinch the other day and had no way of cracking an md5 hashed password as we simply didn’t have access to a set of rainbow tables, nor did we have time to wait for 0phcrack and JTR to brute force it.  So we stumbled across a free site that has over 1.6 million known hashes available.

The site is called Hash Mash and it simply allows you to plug in the md5 and just hit decrypt or create an md5 using the encrypt tab.  Rainbow tables work unbelievably fast and has helped many people in my situation as well as the forensics field.  However be aware that if the password is encrypted then you will run into some issues that will require a higher level of understanding in order to break the encryption, for starters, knowing the original encryption algorithm being used.  Be sure to check this site out for all of your “ethical” cracking needs.

**If you are in the position to download rainbow tables for offline use then you can visit the Shmoo Group and download them there too.  Happy cracking [|:) <-my interpretation of a white hat.

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  1. Another great resource for rainbow tables is .
    They have many rainbow tables available in a specially compressed form, and are available to download over bittorrent or HTTP.
    They generate them with a distributed generator, and more are coming up all the time.

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