Before It Bytes!

If you thought you were a 1337 h4x0r…

In case you don’t have a television, radio, or even the Internet, which means you wouldn’t be reading this. One of the greatest cyber crimes of all time has finally come to a halt, or so they think…

Eleven people in the US city of Boston have been charged with credit card fraud. The US authorities say the suspects stole the data from more than 40 million credit cards.

The hackers obtained the information by installing software in computers and databases of banks and major store chains. They also drove through residential districts with a laptop to hack into personal computers with wireless connections.

Prosecutors speak of the biggest credit card swindle in US history. The suspects, who have US, Estonian, Ukrainian, Belarus and Chinese nationalities, allegedly embezzled tens of millions of dollars.

So while I’m sitting at DEFCON 16 enjoying a “free” bar tab, I wonder if I’ll see it show up my own credit card since I could quite possibly be funding one of these parties and not even know until it’s too late. Oh well, that’s what the fraud department is for right…

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