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Air Force Cyber Command halted…?

So the Air Force, which prides themselves for being the most technical branch of all the armed forces, has decided to suspend its efforts on building their latest Cyber Command. Not sure if any of you recall the latest AF recruitment commercials geared around cyber security, but it would be safe to say that those will not be airing until the Air Force works out some kinks.

“The Secretary and Chief of Staff of the Air Force have considered delaying currently planned actions on Air Force Cyber Command to allow ample time for a comprehensive assessment of all AFCYBER requirements and to synchronize the AFCYBER mission with other key Air Force initiatives,” the service said in a statement released Thursday.

Makes you wonder why ample time wasn’t dedicated in the first place for a “comprehensive assessment.”

Read the full article here compliments of Security Focus.

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  1. Im in a career field that would be merged if the program ends up alive. Since I have a 6 year commitment, I’m sure I’ll never get to see it while I’m in lol.

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