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Internet taxes, Pro RIAA, anti-encryption? Say hello to Obama’s VP

Politics is by no means our idea of entertainment when it comes to our blogs, however to see such a strong candidate pick a “technological bi-polar” candidate as the potential VP, it makes you wonder if McCain is already a winner.

Joe Biden was picked as Obama’s VP candidate if they are to take the White House this upcoming election. Apparently his views towards net neutrality, the RIAA, and anti-encryption are a little skewed over the past few years. I’m sure the EFF doesn’t think too highly of him either. Although he may have experience in foreign policy, how does that protect our rights here in the U.S. as he was a key player when it came to the Patriot Act amongst many other laws that passed through the Senate. Follow the links below to make your own assumption of our potential Vice President.

Yahoo News

Gizmodo write-up

2 Responses to Internet taxes, Pro RIAA, anti-encryption? Say hello to Obama’s VP

  1. Chris says:

    I think it’s important to remember that while he is first in line to succeed Obama if something were to happen to him, Obama has the veto power, and Biden’s views aren’t necessarily going to be White House policy by default. He does have the tie-breaking vote in the Senate, however, and that does get used often as history shows.

  2. Jay says:

    Yeah there are a lot more issues taking place world wide and the Internet isn’t nearly as important as protecting our homeland, however I’d be interested to see if any of his views are put into place once he gets into office, assuming McCain doesn’t pull it off.

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