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Securabit Episode 17 for xmass Santa gave us an Nmap book to give away!!!

This is a unique episode for SecuraBit, we are teaming up with the Security Justice Podcast to do a double header show. SecuraBit recorded their show from 8-9 EST, then handed off the reins to Security Justice to finish out the night. In doing so we had a combined set of prizes. Winning the prize required that you listen and get the correct answer to a trivia question given on SecuraBit. You also had to listen to the Security Justice Podcast to and know the answer to their question. SecuraBit even manged to start on time as well as hand off on time. It was a very different type of show due to trying to condense everything in to a single hour. (Good thing we didn’t have any real content, Just kidding!)

We opened the show but because Jay needed to switch some things out we actually went to a break faster than normal. When we returned from the break Jay was back with us. We started to go into the new Microsoft Zero Day, and Jay informed us that he had been out of the loop for a week but since the patch only came out 73 minutes before he found out about it he figured he was right on time.

The next topic was Chris Gerling going to SANS and taking the forensics 508 course. Chris then told us that he felt like he should never have picked up a helix disk based on the level of knowledge he has now compared to before the course. We also discussed that many states are requiring a Private Investigators license to do forensics. That none of us on the show agreed that this was a good idea, but yet several lobbyists have been pushing for this very idea. Jay asked the question about what was thought about the BGP security vulnerability. Anthony discussed a new site he went to as a security review.

After the break, we went into the trivia question. The trivia Question was: What are the flags you have to set in order to do an NMAP-style XMAS scan in Unicornscan? We will post the winner soon in conjunction with the Security Justice podcast. After the trivia question we went into thoughts on what to do about prior employees, handling creditials, voice mails, and emails. We referenced the guy in San Francisco who was fired from the job, but yet still was able to hold the network he left hostage.

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Rob Fuller – Mubix,
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Chris Gerling – Hak5Chris,
Chris Mills – ChrisAM
Jason Mueller – SecurabitJay

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5 Responses to Securabit Episode 17 for xmass Santa gave us an Nmap book to give away!!!

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  2. Concerned Listener says:

    Do you guys both to research any of the stuff you talk about or do you just normally sound like you're talking out of your asses? Oh well. At least it's not as bad as Security Now with Steve Gibson. What a joke. That one was painful to listen to.

  3. Concerned w/concerned listener says:

    For being a “concerned” listener, it's kind of hard to make any changes to the show when you provide that kind of feedback. Thanks for listening however and happy holidays!

  4. edsmiley says:

    You guys were talking about the SANS 508 course. Here is the site that has a cheat sheet and the toolkit workstation vmware download.

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