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SANS CDI 2009 – Reverse Engineering Malware

So this coming Friday, December 11 – 14, I will have the privilege of attending  SANS CDI 2009.  It’s the largest SANS event that takes place every year in the heart of our nation’s capital.  Besides the horrendous traffic and the bitter cold I’m eager to learn from one of the best in our field, Lenny Zeltser.  Lenny’s been teaching the SANS 610 course for a few years now and has built up a reputation as being a true expert at reversing malware.  I currently hold the GCIA, GCIH, and the GSEC certifications from GIAC and the GREM will be a true test of skills as it’s said to be one of the most difficult to obtain.  I’ll post my experience with the course next week as I’m sure it won’t be a disappointing one.  In the meantime if you’d like more information regarding the SANS 610 course be sure to check it out here.

Be sure to check out the trailer below:

SANS Reverse Engineering Malware

If you’re attending the conference and want to meet up or just say hey, be sure to connect with me via Twitter!


4 Responses to SANS CDI 2009 – Reverse Engineering Malware

  1. Sava says:

    I watched the trailer video and I think they did a great job with making it. I would love to attend the classes but unfortunately I’m not able to well hope they’ll have it in the near future :D. Although I would love to read the update as to how it went, looking forward to it.

  2. Jay says:


    Thanks for the comment! The class was great and I’ll be talking about the class as well as SANS CDI as a whole on the next episode of SecuraBit. As I learn some of the reversing malware concepts a little more, I’ll post some tips and tricks to help out the community. Thanks for the support!


  3. student says:

    I was wondering if you have taken the test already? Any tips that you may want to offer?



  4. Jay says:

    I just got access to SANS On-demand and to be honest I haven’t looked at the material much since attending class. I have on the other hand have 3 other GIAC certifications and would recommend using the small post-it notes and tabbing out your book. From there, create your own table of contents to keep you from having to shuffle through the 4-7 books you were given depending on the course you attended. The GIAC certifications are a true test of whether or not you understand the body of knowledge taught during the course. Let me know if you have any more questions and I’d be happy to chat with you offline.


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