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The Academy Pro – Weekly Video Review

This week The Academy Pro released videos covering a range of topics applying to the Rapid 7 NeXpose vulnerability scanner, pfSense firewall distribution, Ironport C-Series email security appliance, and more!  Here is a brief rundown of what’s new this week.  So be sure to stop on by, sign up, sit back and learn something new!

(Please note, you must register with The Academy Pro before viewing these videos!)

Creating users with Rapid 7 NeXpose

Installing pfSense

Scheduling reports with an IronPort C-Series

Creating a read-only operator account with an IronPort C-Series

Finding and exploiting a DAV misconfiguration with w3af

Using the w3af proxy MITM tool

Running w3af against wivet

Removing a configurable parameter using the w3af plugin editor

Generating requests from the w3af Fuzzy editor

Reporting a w3af bug

Mavituna Security, creators of the web application security scanner NetSparker, is The Academy Pro’s latest sponsor. Stay tuned for some fantastic web application scanning videos using NetSparker.

The Academy Pro is assisting Hackers for Charity by donating over 600 infosec videos that will be used to educate people in Uganda.

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