Before It Bytes!

SecuraBit T-Shirts are back! Pre-order to pickup at the Podcaster’s Meetup!

We don’t have the final artwork back yet for posting here, however they are similar to the past design with one major exception:  We inverted the black and white, so they are white t-shirts with black lettering.

We will have the following quantities:

9 Small
14 Medium
21 Large
21 X-Large
7 XX-Large

The shirts will be $12 each for pickup (you will also get a free sticker!) during Shmoocon at the PCM, or whenever it’s convenient for you throughout the weekend!  Anything leftover will be sold via the website later.  All proceeds go toward running the show!

Submit pre-order here, include your address and phone number!

Thank you for all of your support!

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