Before It Bytes!

Merchandise and a Contest! Win a ticket to Thotcon!

The link to the Merchandise page is back!  For now we’d like to sell our stock of t-shirts from Shmoocon.  After those are all gone we are going to work on getting some other kinds of schwag, stuff that you guys will love!

If you’d like to attend Thotcon but don’t have a ticket, we have one to give away!  Keep in mind that Thotcon is on April 23rd in Chicago.

Starting now and running until 6PM Eastern on Friday, April 16th anyone who leaves us feedback via iTunes, comments on a blog post will be entered into a drawing.  The names will be put onto a spreadsheet in no particular order, and then sorted in reverse.  Each name will then have a number in front of it, and we will use in order to randomly select the winner.

You must use the iTunes client to leave feedback in iTunes.  If you leave a comment on a blog posting it must not be spam, and it must make some sort of sense, submissions that just go “Hi” or “asdfjkl;” will be disregarded.


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