Before It Bytes!

We Dont Suck! (As Much Anymore)

Allow me to direct your attention over to Geordy Rostad’s blog for just a minute. His recent post over at gives in my opinion, a very fair & accurate review of Episode 67 and SecuraBit as a whole. Geordy notes how we’ve evolved from our earlier “SecuraBeer”-type shows to deliver topics & guests that add value to the listening experience.

This progression is evident when listening to past shows in contrast to our latest releases. The podcast has grown & changed as we the hosts have grown and changed ourselves. When we released our first episode on May 3, 2008, we were fresh out of the Navy serving together at the same location. We thought we could do anything and say anything. This was evident in our content. Fast-forward about 2 and a half years and now you have a podcast hosted by still edgy, yet tempered hosts.

Going out on our own to Corporate America, civilian government, and government/military contracting has rounded us out. Nine-to-five life in a professional setting expanded our horizons as to what an audience expects and wants to hear. Who would have thought that anyone would want to listen to this podcast in an office environment?

All that being said, thank you, Geordy for the review.

Geordy Rostad’s site is and his Twitter account is

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