Before It Bytes!

We want feedback!

Way back in May of 2008 a few of us banded together and launched this podcast and website.  It’s been something we’ve poured a lot of elbow grease and time into, and we absolutely love doing it.

That being said, there are a lot of lessons we’ve learned about podcasting and just being a part of the security community in general.  I don’t know why it took us this long, but we are very much interested in honest, constructive feedback (well, if you do want to throw a few f bombs our way in an nonconstructive manner, we’ve definitely had our share of f bombs on the podcast, so feel free) about the show, the website, and us.  In-between beers, we are striving to remember to come up with better organization, flow, and content for you guys without getting divorced along the way.

This year we want to make sure we get ourselves organized better, and that we present you with the best of what we’re capable of.  To help with that we are asking that you take a short survey regarding our show and website. I have embedded the survey into our site below. If that is not an option for you, please utilize this link: Click here to take survey

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