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Derbycon Ticket Challenge!

Challenge closed. tuts for solutions will be submitted soon.

Congrats to our winners who completed all the challenges.

  1. Andrew Fastow              – 13 points
  2. jgor      @indiecom        – 13 points

Thanks to all that participated

Look forward to seeing you next month for our #SecurabitChallenge


Anyone competing please define in your email what prizes you are intested in. First place can get all of the prizes but if he/she decides to pass on a prize then 2nd place has first shot at what is left and so on till there are no prizes left.

We are giving away the following:

  1. Derbycon ticket
  2. Derbycon ticket
  3. Come on as a guest and talk about how you completed challenge and any other work you may have.
  4. Round on Myne-us at Derbycon (if you’re under 21 you can have a root beer or something, sorry!)

To complete the challenges you will send us the flag from each challenge to feedback [At]

The deadline is Tuesday 9/27/2011 at 12:01am, if no one has completed all the challenges by this time it is whoever has earned the most points.  If people have completed all challenges prior to this deadline, we will pick the first submission by email timestamp that most accurately answers each challenge.

The Challenges /*Notice!! the pcap challenge has been simplified*/

1. Stego  4 points

Send us the phrase we have embedded into this PDF file.  Use any tools you need to in order to discover it.
File Download

2. pcap and encoding 4 points  /*revised*/

Send us the username and password to the login session.
File Download

3. RE 5 points

Reverse this application and send us the key.
File Download


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