Before It Bytes!

Episode 5 notice.

Join us in #securabit on at 7:30pm tonight. There's a possibility of getting a live stream going if we can figure out how to do it. We'll be having mubix on with us
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Delays with Ep4

Sorry folks, but you may have to wait until tonight or tomorrow. We had a few problems with this episode, chiefly that we lost the last 20 mins of Chris Mills' audacity file, when
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SecuraBit slogan contest.

Congratulations to adham on winning our contest. We chose his submission of SecuraBit before it Bytes as our slogan. We'll be getting ahold of you to get your mailing information and sending you a Yubikey. Episode
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Theme Testing

There will be some oddities going on today while I test out a new theme. It's nowhere even near finished, I just want to tweak the interactions it has with the current content on
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