SecuraBit Episode 5

On this episode of SecuraBit:

Anthony, Chris, Christopher, Jay, and special guest Rob (mubix) discuss:

Signature based anti-virus dead?
Rubbermaid Botmaster Sentenced
BackTrack3 Final released!

Using Google Earth to crash neighboring pools
Crazed Bovine Traversal
Distributed Honeypot Project

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Episode 5 notice.

Join us in #securabit on at 7:30pm tonight. There’s a possibility of getting a live stream going if we can figure out how to do it.

We’ll be having mubix on with us tonight, who will be streaming the show to Hak5 Radio

Poor ATM security, compliments of Security Justice…

poor security

Thanks to the guys over at Security Justice for providing this pictures to clarify what we’ve been talking about when it comes to poor security practices.  Let your imagination reign free on this one…  Check out their site and listen to their podcast as well since they have some really good information being discussed!

SecuraBit Episode 4

On this episode of SecuraBit, Chris, Jay, Anthony, Andy, and Chris Mills discuss:

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Delays with Ep4

Sorry folks, but you may have to wait until tonight or tomorrow. We had a few problems with this episode, chiefly that we lost the last 20 mins of Chris Mills’ audacity file, when for some reason it stopped recording on his end. We did have an alternate recording going with the microphone on Anthony’s macbook, although obviously it’s been a bit of work to get the audio levels to balance out.

I think this marks the end of us trying to mix physical microphones off of the mixer with 2 or 3 of us on skype until we can figure out how to do that properly (and also not spending hundreds of dollars).

SecuraBit slogan contest.

Congratulations to adham on winning our contest. We chose his submission of SecuraBit before it Bytes as our slogan. We’ll be getting ahold of you to get your mailing information and sending you a Yubikey.

Episode 4 has been recorded, although we’re working out some more audio issues. Expect it to be available in the next few days.

Episode 4 notice, and feedback.

Episode 4 should be recorded Wed or Thurs, and pushed out by Sunday at the latest.

I’ve gotten a good bit of feedback on Ep 3, and I think from now on we’ll have to not be drunk when the show starts. Our language did get a little out of hand and since we don’t want anyone to get fired, we’re going to make sure there aren’t f-bombs and such every other minute. The explicit tag will remain as we aren’t going to bleep every single thing out, but what happened last time was definitely out of character for what we’re shooting for.

Theme Testing

There will be some oddities going on today while I test out a new theme. It’s nowhere even near finished, I just want to tweak the interactions it has with the current content on the site.


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