Before It Bytes!


I came across these guys a month or so back when I was looking at topics for one of our shows, and I don’t remember whether I touched on them or not, but this project is definitely worth a second look.  Their community seems small right now, but the idea behind what they’re doing seems like common sense to me, and I’m not aware of anyone else out there collecting packet captures from anyone who wants to upload one.

Obviously, be careful what you download, but if we can get some traffic their way and get people to upload both malicious and normal traffic captures to them, I think it will end up being an extremely useful resource for anyone who uses packet data for their job, such as writing snort signatures!

Their site is  Remember that this isn’t for uploading 10 gigs of traffic you captured off of your neighbor’s wifi, and don’t submit your own traffic that includes your paypal and online banking sessions either. :)  Make sure you have permission if you’re going to be submitting a capture with information someone other than you generated.

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