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Defcon 16 and Podcasters’ Meetup Info

If you haven’t already heard about the meetup and are going to Defcon, there will be a meetup on Saturday, August 9th in the skybox which the folks at reserved.  You can find the full information at mubix’s site located here.

While I won’t be attending Defcon, three of our crew will be.  Chris Mills, Jay Mueller, and Rob Fuller.  Keep an eye out for them as at some point they will likely be wearing their SecuraBit T-Shirts and passing out free stickers.  Jay should have a backpack full of t-shirts to sell should you want one.  I am sending off the box today to him, so any further donations to the site for them will be filled by him either by shipping it to you or giving it to you in person at Defcon.

Episode 8 will be delayed until the Wednesday after Defcon, though we expect at least one more SecuraByte in the interim.

Thanks for listening!

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