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SecuraBit Episode 8

On this Episode of SecuraBit available here!

Back from three week hiatus!

Defcon and BlackHat

Notable Defcon Parties Jay and Chris attended:

Core Impact
StillSecure and IOActive Freakshow

Special thanks to all that allowed us to drink for free 😉 Hopefully you got a cool Securabit T-shirt out of it!

ChicagoCon: Boot Camps: Oct 27 – 31 Conference: Oct 31 – Nov 1

Defcon Badges

Ran out of Badges on first day!
TV-B-Gone built into the badges
Surbo from I-Hacked hacks the badges

Podcasters Meetup

Documentary: Hackers are People Too


More from Podcasters meetup:

Maltego – Maltego is an open source intelligence and forensics application
Iphone Metasploit

Hak5 plug: Show every Monday!

Absolut Mandarin
Rain Vodka

Current news:

Georgia and Russia: Cyber Warfare
Estonia to help Georgia
Watch out for tanks in Atlanta

MIT Subway Card Hacking Pulled from Defcon
Talk Posted Here

Naval PostGraduate School wins capture the flag:

Wall of Sheep
Lesson: Don’t take your production (or perhaps any) computer to hacker conferences

Driftnet to catch web images at Defcon

Anthony will be working on Iphone Security
Apple sells 95 Iphones/day/store

Tshirts and Stickers gone, but more on there way?

Martin McKeay at Defcon!

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