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Google Chrome

Google Chrome has generated a lot of press in the day since it was released on Tuesday.  It gained over a 1% market share in under 24 hours.  Some of the interesting tidbits from a risk/security standpoint:

Controversial EULA:

Google Chrome debuted with an extremely controversial EULA that basically says everything you do with the Chrome browser belongs to Google.  They have since adjusted the EULA to remove some of the strongly worded sentences, but this might just have given us a peak into Google’s world domination plot?


It seems that only mere hours after the Chrome browser was available for download, vulnerabilities started showing up.  Some of them as simple as a browser crash, others as serious as carpet-bombing.  This is actually not too surprising since Chrome is based off the same version of WebKit, 525.13, that the vulnerable Safari 3.1 emanates from.

Incognito Mode:

The Chrome browser has a stealth browsing mode called Incognito which will not leave any tracks of where you browse in your history or store any cookies.  This appears to be very similar to the IE8’s InPrivate browsing mode.

Independent Tabs:

Every tab opened in Chrome runs as an independent instance of the browser.  Apparently, if you experience trouble in one tab, the rest of your Chrome environment is safe from the misbehaving tab.  I guess this only works if you don’t browse to the vulnerability mentioned above that crashes your whole browser. 🙂

So what is your take on the new Chrome browser?  Mubix suggests power users should stick with Firefox or will Chrome make the internet less frustrating” as Walt Mossberg declares?

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