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SecuraBit Episode 10

(Apologies in advance for the short term ‘wiki’ look of these show notes, the public wiki will be up soon!)

This week Anthony Gartner, Chris Gerling, Chris Mills, Jason Mueller discuss the latest computer security news.  Special guest, Chris Wilson, talks about the increase of traffic on port 808.

Episode 10 – A milestone!

We are all still alive even though the CERN Particle Collider has been started up.

OpenSource Projects, Software, Patches

Obama Sex Video Spam

New SecuraBit VPS! (We have since cancelled and will be moving to something else soon)  

     Linode with CentOS. However, no SELinux available

     For CentOS help go to: #CentOS on

Tips for configuring the new server:

     -Disable root login on ssh

     -Good passwords

     -Lock down all unnecessary ports

The Securabit guys started using the CentOS distribution because of its interconnections with Snort

     See for details on how to configure Snort on CentOS

In non-security related news:

     Steve Jobs Apple Special Event “Let’s Rock”

     Apple did update QuicktTime and Bonjour

     Netbooks are everywhere: Even Commodore joins Netbook Crowd

Google Chrome:

     Milworm Chrome Exploit/Vulnerabilities: Six different Exploits/Vulnerabilities to date

     Germany says do not use Google Chrome

Other news:

New Microsoft/Jerry Seinfeld commercial analysis

New Microsoft Mouse


Anthony recently had a laptop theft and recommends the following sites to learn how to secure your computer:

     Schneier and portable device security

     Risk of losing portable devices

Latest happenings with Securabit Looking for a Team and mentoring atmosphere Coming soon: New Site/wiki/forums on a VPS

Chris Mills talks about his employer Security Expo where they showed off Rainbow Tables/Ophcrack and Driftnet


Special Guest: Chris Wilson

   Port 808 traffic is up over the last 24 hours.
   WinHole Trojan is what was noted as causing this traffic in the past.   

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  1. Jay says:

    Funny and entertaining show, had to listen to it even though I'm the host…..had me laughing the whole way through!

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