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Special Episode of Securabit – Billy Hoffman, Matt Wood, and Prajakta Jagdale

Ajax Security

Securabit will be recording a special episode on Wednesday Feburary 4th featuring Billy Hoffman, Matt Wood, and Prajakta Jagdale from Hewlett-Packard (formerly SPI Dynamics Inc.).  Billy is the author of the book Ajax Security, published in 2007 by Addison Wesley.  He also has presented at numerous security conferences such as Toorcon, Black Hat Federal, PhreakNIC, FooCamp, O’Reilly Media Emerging Technology Conference, and ShmooCon.  Matt is a Senior Security Researcher with the HP Web Security Research group. Prajakta is a Security Research Engineer with HP and is presenting at this year’s ShmooCon.

We need your help!  Have any questions you would like to ask?  Navigate your way to the Securabit Forums and post questions in the Episode 21 Thread.  Otherwise, tune into the live stream that should start just before 7pm EST.

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