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Episode 20: Time Warp Again!

Sorry folks, we will not be releasing episodes out of order anymore.

In this episode we discuss:

Managing IP space inside a company network. Attributing a device on the network to an employee / function.

Standardizing vulnerability management using Security Content Automation Protocol (SCAP) and Open Vulnerability Assessment System (OpenVAS).

And briefly touch on the Obama Administration’s Outline for their Cyber Security Strategy.

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Anthony Gartner – @AnthonyGartner
Chris Gerling – Hak5Chris, @Hak5chris
Chris Mills – ChrisAM @packetsense
Andrew Borel – @Andrew_Secbit

Special Guest:

Tim Krabec (@tkrabec) of the

Important links for the show and documents used:

Open Vulnerability Assessment System
Security Content Automation Protocol
Obama Administration Outlines Cyber Security Strategy
More Cyber Security Regulations Recommended

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