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Social Engineering Framework and Metasploit Unleashed

Two great projects are getting ready to launch, keep in eye out for them over the next week:

The Official Social Engineering Framework is set to launch on Wednesday, September 16th. The goal is to gather some of the community to produce the web’s first and only true social engineering framework. This framework is being developed by Jim Elwood Gorman,muts Aharoni, and LoganWHD along with many contributors from the SE and Security community. Check out their site, blog, and also hop onto their IRC channel, #social-engineer, on

Metasploit Unleashed “ Mastering the Framework will be launching next week on Tuesday, September 22nd.  This framework is brought to us by the members of the Offensive Security Team along with several active members of the security community.  This course will cover the Metasploit Framework in full detail with topics such as:

  • Social Engineering attacks
  • Advanced port scanning
  • Writing your own MSF plugins
  • Auxiliary modules kung fu
  • Vulnerability Scanner Integration
  • Writing simple MSF fuzzers
  • Pivoting, Tunneling
  • Exploit Development
  • Egghunter mixins
  • Mastering MSF Payloads
  • Post Exploitation techniques
  • Practical Fast Track Usage
  • MSF Backdoors
  • Advanced AV avoidance
  • Much more!

Best of all, the PDF guides for this course will be FREE with the videos and PDF (in typical Offensive Security style) available for a small fee. All proceeds going towards feeding children in Kenya and Uganda with the Hackers for Charity project.  This looks to be a great course for a great cause!  Go check out the site next week and get ready to get some MSF Kung-fu!

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