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SecuraBit & The Academy Pro join forces!

As SecuraBit continues to grow and bring you the very best content in the security world, we figured it only made sense to join forces with The Academy Pro who accomplishes the very same from a different perspective.  The Academy Pro has an excellent repository of resources available at your fingertips from whitepapers, instructional videos, and forums where users can come together and share ideas.  We hope to broaden our listener base and bring fresh new content to both sites.  This isn’t a complete merger meaning our show will remain the same however with more visibility.  With that being said and the merger being in its infancy, our hopes are to continue to grow and refine our show to the likings of our listener base.  We want to thank all of you who have stuck with us since episode 1 as we’ve made massive improvements since.  Our backend team has put in countless hours to get us were we are today solely because we believe in giving back to those who gave to us when we were up and coming n00bz.  If you have any questions regarding the merger or just want to leave us a note, feel free to reach out to us at feedback[at]

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SecuraBit Episode 45: More on DOJOCon

SecuraBit Episode 45  More on DOJOCON

Marcus J Carey discusses MetaSponse tool to be released in mid-December. This uses the MetaSploit Framework for Incident Response.

Metasploit Framework 3.3  Released!

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SecuraBit Episode 44: Dennis Hurst and Movember!

SecuraBit Episode 44

Guest Interview:
Dennis Hurst, Senior Application Security Architect at HP Software &
Solutions and a founding member of the Cloud Security Alliance

Discussion of security and Agile development.

Scaling agile requires feedback mechanisms and strong visibility

HP Application Security Center

Cloud Security Alliance

Movember:  Chris Gerling and Andrew Borel represent SecuraBit! (Chris) (Andrew)

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Dennis Hurst

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