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SecuraBit is looking for writers!

We are looking for one or two energetic, articulate individuals to post entries to our blog on a daily or semi-weekly basis.  Those interested should have an interest in Information Security (and well, IT in general) and be able to come up with good content.  We aren’t asking for a 5 page article each time, it can be short and precise, and deliver information that our listeners will appreciate.

Please send an email to feedback -at- securabit dot com or use our contact form!

We can’t promise much in the way of payment, but we can eventually get you a T-Shirt and stickers, and work towards more!

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  1. At 23 years old, I’m just starting my information security career however, I’ve been reading infosec magazines (and IT and business tech mags as well) since I was 15, so my interest in the field is sky-high.

    I only began blogging (and tweeting) recently on my thoughts pertaining to infosec. I’m not a huge techie guy, so most of my blogs pertain to security from a more holistic and business perspective.

    I’d love to be able to get entries on the securabit blog. I couldn’t care less about payment, I just want to be able to communicate (and learn) with the infosec community.

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