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So begins another New Year and with it brings another year of conferences. One of the larger events to bring in the New Year is always ShmooCon which takes place this February 5th-7th in Washington DC. With the third and final round of tickets being sold out again in record time, those of you lucky enough to snag a barcode this time around look to be in for yet another amazing conference.

Speaking of that final round of ticket sales… Those of you that attempted to reserve a ticket during the last round might have noticed yet another ‘challenge’ to get that golden ticket to this year’s event. Round three brought in a server with much more availability than the previous two rounds and a webpage that was responsive the entire time. So what actually happened then?

The round three ‘challenge’ had to do with the link that brought you to the first step of the registration process. Clicking on the link brought you to a page greeting you with a ‘403 Forbidden’ error stating ‘You don’t have access to /cart/ on this server’. However, if you looked a bit closer at the URL while dusting off your web application hacking skills; you might have noticed that it wasn’t totally complete. The missing link was to manually enter in ‘reserve.cgi’ to the end of the URL.  Once the URL was manually made valid you were then able to go through the rest of the registration steps, enter in your Captcha and complete the process. The issue was caught and corrected by the site admins, but since the remaining tickets sold out in 15 minutes or so, it still left some in the dark. Better luck next year!!

If you were however, one of the few that were able to snag a ticket to ShmooCon 2010, this year’s speaker panel packs a solid line up and will not disappoint. With presentations covering everything from examining the risks of social networking to how to build your very own Predator UAV spy drone, ShmooCon brings inthe best minds from the security, hacker and maker communities together for a three day event not to be missed. This year’s event is broken up into various ‘tracks’ across the long weekend, with a single track of speed talks (One Track Mind) kicking off on Friday the 5th. The next two days consist of various presentations falling into the other three aptly named tracks: Break It!, Build It! and Bring It On! Thecomplete list of all of the speakers and presentations for this year’s event can be found here. ShmooCon also would not be complete without the various events and contests like ‘Hacker Arcade’ and ‘Hack-Or-Halo’ which return this year yet again along with the ‘Team Fortress 2 LAN Party’.

So bring your ShmooBalls and launchers for what looks to be another great conference to kick off 2010. If you still don’t have a ticket to ShmooCon, do what you can to get there!   A few tickets have been popping up on E-Bay and has a thread going in the forums about a ticket exchange. Check them out! They may cost you, but the experience of ShmooCon should not be missed given the opportunity to make it!

Also, be sure to check out the next episode of the SecuraBit podcast streaming live on Wednesday, January 13th where we will be having the man himself, Bruce Potter on the show to discuss the upcoming conference and all things Shmoo!

Blog post by:  Sean Hausauer

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