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Vulnerability Roundup

Here are some of the more interesting vulnerabilities or patches from this week. As this is our first roundup, some of these are a little older than a week, but noteworthy nonetheless. This week we have a light Patch Tuesday from Microsoft, but Adobe picks up the slack with patches for a server product, Acrobat and Reader. Network equipment also makes an appearance on both the enterprise and consumer level, with what appears to be a simple DoS for Juniper products and an authentication bypass for D-Link routers. To round things out there are PowerDNS and VMWare, and news from the Android camp, reminding us that as consumers move to new places, attackers will follow.

Another interesting story, also from the Android family is about a piece of malware which made its way into the Android Marketplace, specifically a fake mobile banking application which was designed to harvest login credentials.  More coverage can be found at SANS.

Blog post by:  David Shpritz

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  1. DiaperBomber says:

    MacOSX? No, that can’t be true… That Mac dude on TV said to buy a Mac if I wanted no hacks or bugs!

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