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Escaping the clutches of The GOOG

We live in a world where everything and anything is just a click or web search away. Instant access to information is the new norm and seemingly taken for granted.  When questions need answering, most “Just Google it.”; with that ease and convenience of using The GOOG though, comes a price…Your privacy.

Enter GoogleSharing.

On Tuesday, Moxie Marlinspike released a small lightweight Firefox extension that is aimed to prevent the collection of users search/behavioral data by Google. GoogleSharing works by serving all of your queries through a custom proxy that contains a collection of what Moxie calls “GoogleSharing Identities”.  When enabled, if the Firefox plug-in detects a request sent out to any of Google’s services, it routes you through the proxy, removes any identification information and then replaces that data with one of the random, pooled Google Sharing Identities.  Pretty slick!  Obviously, if you are already logged into any of Google’s many services (Gmail, iGoogle, Groups etc) GoogleSharing won’t help one bit.

While anonymous proxies are nothing new, GoogleSharing introduces a different method of anonymity for a pretty specific threat. With its lean and quick Firefox extension, GoogleSharing is a step in the right direction of trying to regain some sort of privacy back on the net.

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