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Derbycon Meetup Friday Night at 10pm!

Join us this Friday 9/30 at the Bluegrass Brewing Company @ 10pm eastern time.  Come by and grab a beer, hang out, and let us throw stickers at you!

The location is:

Bluegrass Brewing Company

2 Theater Sq, Louisville, KY 40202(502) 568-2224 

Here are walking directions as well.  It’s 0.5 miles to walk it, and the weather should be decent enough.


**Update:  Check out for more Derbycon meetups!  Thanks for the mention!!

If you need to contact us follow us on twitter:


Derbycon Ticket Challenge!

Challenge closed. tuts for solutions will be submitted soon.

Congrats to our winners who completed all the challenges.

  1. Andrew Fastow              – 13 points
  2. jgor      @indiecom        – 13 points

Thanks to all that participated

Look forward to seeing you next month for our #SecurabitChallenge


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