SecuraBit Episode 99: 99 Bottles of Pwn on the Wall!

Join us as we interview the CTO of Silicum Security about ECAT, Pascal Longpre!

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Remove your Google Web History before it’s no longer yours!

SecuraBit highly reccomends all of you who have a Google account to visit EFF’s website that easily walks through how to remove your Google Web History before it vanishes into a blackhole no longer belonging to the account owner. It takes literally 10 seconds to do this and suggest you do the same!

Tune in tomorrow 2/22 for Episode 99 with Silicium Security!

We will be having Pascal Longpre on our show tomorrow, who is the CTO of Silicum Security, one of our sponsors.

Join us at 7:30PM EST as we discuss their ECAT software, as well as why new variants of old malware keep slipping through the cracks.

DEFT 7 – A linux distro for forensics and more!

We stumbled across this distribution the other day while building a forensic workstation for the lab. SIFT just didn’t perform the way we wanted and DEFT seems to be rock solid out of the box with version 7 of their distro.

Check them out at

They have a draft version of their english manual as well. This distro is based on the 3.0 kernel and is snappy as heck even on somewhat older hardware. Outstanding work guys!

SecuraBit Episode 98: Adapting to Our Internet!

Please join us as we talk about cybercrime, botnets, and the ever changing internet with special guest Brian Krebs!

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