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SecuraBit Episode 36: The f0rb1dd3n Network

SecuraBit Episode 36 – The f0rb1dd3n Network

We are joined by Jayson Street to talk about his book, Disecting the Hack: The f0rb1dd3n Network, that is due out soon. All Black Hat bags will have an excerpt from the book in them.

Additionally we get Jayson’s input on the topic of the recent denial of service attacks not coming from North Korea after all.

DJ Great Scott gives us an update on the social events at this years DEFCON.

Finally we cover media destruction policies. How do you decommission old hard disks? Do you retain the ones from your copiers and fax machines? What about thumb drives?

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Computer attack may not have originated in North Korea after all –
UK, not North Korea, source of DDOS attacks, researcher says –

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SecuraBit Episode 25: Jayson E. Street Talks about his book f0rb1dd3n

SecuraBit Episode 25: “Jayson E. Street’s f0rb1dd3n”

This week we interview Jayson E. Street about his new novel f0rb1dd3n.

f0rb1dd3n is a fictional story that also provides an overview of the tools, techniques, and culture of hackers. Throughout the story there are references to an appendix that will provide detailed information about that particular part of the book, such as the exact process for using metasploit to take over a machine. The expected release date is in July 2009 around Black Hat and Defcon.

A beta of Sumo LINUX is targeted for release the first week of April.

Quine will be our next guest interview.

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Securabit Episode 43: The Academy Pro

SecuraBit Episode 43 – The Academy Pro

Guest Interview: Peter Giannoulis of The Academy Pro

Metasploit Rising

WordPress 2.8.5: Hardening Release

Blubrry PowerPress Podcasting Plugin for WordPress

Time Warner Cable Exposes 65,000 Customer Routers to Remote Hacks

Google Voice voicemails appearing in public search results


Porn, CSS History Hacking, User Recon and Blackmail

Windows 7

Magic Mouse

Quick Shell Script to Extract Contents

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Peter Giannoulis

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Don’t forget to listen to the end of the show for the guest appearances by both Kermit the Frog and Sean Connery