SecuraBit Gh0st PenLab Closed Beta!

The lab we talk so much about on our show is live and accepting applications for closed beta users.

Head over to the Gh0st website in order to request access!  We also provide a preconfigured VM that only requires us to set you up with credentials for logging in.  Or you can bring your own box and download our OpenVPN keys!


More details on the Pentesting Lab

In Episode 97 we announced that we’d be sending some preconfigured BT5 boxes to hackerspaces as well as a virtual machine version of this for people to access our community pentesting lab.

Currently, there are 15 virtual machines available to be attacked, and we’re setting a current target of 15 to 20 users for this testing phase.

If you’d like to participate, we have physical machines we are going to image BT5 onto mainly to send to hackerspaces, so if you want one at your hackerspaces contact us!

We will also have openvpn keys to distribute (you’ll still need a user account from us to login) or we can send you a preconfigured BT5 VM as well.