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SecuraBit Tips by TekDefense!

SecuraTip Episode 5: SpiderFoot

In this episode of SecuraTip we take a look at SpiderFoot v2 ( by Steve Micallef. SpiderFoot is an Open Source Footprinting tool that runs on both Linux and Windows.

SecuraTip Episode 4: tekCollect

In this episode of SecuraTip, we demo the use of tekCollect. tekCollect is a python tool written by @TekDefense, which is useful for scraping data (IP addresses, MD5 hashes, SSNs, Emails, etc) from URLs and files. This episode highlights several use cases for the tool, while also exploring advanced features such as custom regex scrapes. To download tekCollect goto:

SecuraTip Episode 3: Noriben

In this episode of SecuraTip, we take a look at Brian Baskin’s portable malware analysis tool Noriben.

Noriben, which acts as an intelligent wrapper for procmon, will monitor process activity for files, services, registry, and network activity. This awesome tool takes things a step further by filtering out noise so that the analyst can focus on the details that matter!

SecuraTip Episode 2: Automater

In this episode of SecuraTip we focus on OSINT analysis of IP Addresses, URLs, and Hashes using Automater.

Automater given a target (-t) or a file (-f) will determine if it is a URL, IP, or hash and will then run the appropriate tool-set against the file giving the user a common output.
To download Automater or get more details on it, visit

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SecuraTip Episode 1: NetworkMiner

In the first episode of SecuraTip we learn how to extract files from a pcap using NetworkMiner.

Additionally this episode also shows some of the other features of NetworkMiner, and the manual process of carving files from a pcap using Wireshark.

We’ve included both YouTube and MP4 formats.

Thanks to @TekDefense