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SecuraBit Episode 47: Double Dutch!

Listen in as we interview 1Password and NetWitness!

Dave Teare – Co-Founder of 1Password
Agile Web Solutions’ 1 Password
What was the motivation to create 1Password?
There are two key chain types that are used.  Why the switch to the other one?
When will we be able to sync across the iphone cord? (Edge/3G) 8.02.11 BGA type
Are there plans to port 1Password to Win/Lin platforms? 1password Anywhere?
Is there a way to import from other password managers? CSV format
what is the difference between the 1password pro and the touch pro?
What is the diffrence between 1Password and 1Password Pro?
Who actually maintains the twitter account?
Find out more at

NetWitness – Eddie Schwartz
How long have you been with NetWitness?
Google Earth integration – Very Cool!!
What OS will the free or paid version work on and will it work from within a VM?
What does netwitness do at the layer 7 level?

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Dave Teare – 1Password
Eddie Schwartz – Netwitness

SecuraBit Episode 44: Dennis Hurst and Movember!

SecuraBit Episode 44

Guest Interview:
Dennis Hurst, Senior Application Security Architect at HP Software &
Solutions and a founding member of the Cloud Security Alliance

Discussion of security and Agile development.

Scaling agile requires feedback mechanisms and strong visibility

HP Application Security Center

Cloud Security Alliance

Movember:  Chris Gerling and Andrew Borel represent SecuraBit! (Chris) (Andrew)

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Dennis Hurst

Movember –
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