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SecuraBit Episode 129: Bioinformatics and Infosec




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SecuraBit Episode 63: Walking to the Waffle House with Andy Willingham

SecuraBit Episode 63: Walking to the Waffle House with Andy Willingham
August 11, 2010
Anthony Gartner – @anthonygartner
Chris Gerling – @chrisgerling
Christopher Mills – @thechrisam
Jason Mueller – @securabit_jay
Andrew Borel –  @andrew_secbitGuests:
Andy Willingham (Southern Fried Security Podcast) – @andywillingham

General topics:
–Chris – experience this year, and a review of the medical facilities in Las Vegas
–General entertaining banter

Shiny Old VxWorks Vulnerabilities

Facebook name extraction based on email/wrong password

Apple Fixes PDF Vunerability that allowed webbased Jail Break.
iOS 4.0.2 Software Update

Interview with Andy Willingham
ShmooCon 2011 Dates Announced

Microsoft drops the patch bomb Malware and Unexpected Features

Free Android antivirus clocks up 2.5m downloads

A Review of Verizon and Google’s Net Neutrality Proposal

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South Florida ISSA’s Hack the flag and chili cook-off  Saturday August 14, 2010 from 12:00pm – 5:00pm
Hacker Halted Tim Is speaking October 14th
Louisivlle Infosec 10/7.
Atlanta B-Sides 10/8.
HacKid – 10/9-10/10
Phreaknic 10/15.

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SecuraBit Episode 57: Doctor Cole, I Presume?

Anthony Gartner @anthonygartner
Christopher Mills @thechrisam
Chris Gerling @chrisgerling
Andrew Borel @andrew_secbitGuests:
Dr. Eric Cole, Ph.D. – @drericcoleGeneral topics:
Mr. Cole is teaching the upcoming SANS vLive! 501 course which starts on June 22.

We discussed VOIP security, or the lack thereof.
Signature based security solutions are going the way of the dinosaur, it’s all about behavior and dynamic detection, such as heuristics now.
How to protect your privacy online: Software Webinar: Thursday, May 27, 2010, 2PM – 3PM EDT
Quarterly Briefing: Turn the tables on Bad Guys: Malware Unmasked

The cyber threat landscape is constantly changing, and even with the most sophisticated security you’re never completely protected from attacks. As part of our mission to ‘keep the bad guys out’, SunbeltLabs presents in this webinar how we use our own sandbox technology to keep a step ahead.

Sunbelt Software’s Lead Security Analyst, Brian Jack and Malware Response Manager, Dodi Glenn will discuss the current threat landscape and dig deeper into some of the most dangerous and complicated threats out there.  During this briefing we will focus on two different types of threats: malicious PDFs and rogue antivirus applications. Learn how to gain an edge when protecting your enterprise.

Whether you are dealing with spear phishing or mass attacks, join us to see how to deploy the right tools and learn how to quickly analyze and unmask malware. New threats require new technologies and techniques to protect yourself and your organization.  Sign up now and turn the tables on the bad guys.

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