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SecuraBit Episode 100: Double Header with WPS and Forensics!

Join us as we interview Craig Heffner of Tactical Network Solutions regarding the recent WPS vulnerability and his Reaver tool, and as we also interview Harlan Carvey whose latest Windows Forensic Analysis Toolkit book was recently released.

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SecuraBit Episode 98: Adapting to Our Internet!

Please join us as we talk about cybercrime, botnets, and the ever changing internet with special guest Brian Krebs!

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SecuraBit Episode 97: Ron Gula and Cyber Warfare!

Please join us as we interview Ron Gula, Co-Founder of Tenable Security!  We also discuss various cyber warfare topics including Al Qaeda hacking, SCADA, and our own Pentesting lab offering for the community and for hackerspaces!

SecuraBit Episode 92: Hammers, Nails, and Screwed!

On this episode we had special guest Christofer Hoff on to discuss Cloud and Virtualized security.  We touched on some pretty amazing points and we hope you’ll enjoy this show!


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