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SecuraBit Episode 106: Unlock your Door!




  • TOOOL – The Open Organisation Of Lockpickers
  • Physical Security and the Three R’s
  • New edition of Practical Lockpicking coming soon!

News Items
Coders’ Rights At Risk in the European Parliament

Department of Homeland Security and U.S Navy hacked

US-CERT discloses security flaw in Intel chips

FEMA pushes cyber attack game for businesses

United States Department of Defense data leaked by Anonymous hackers

Attacks Targeting US Defense Contractors and Universities Tied to China

10000 Twitter User oauth token hacked and Exposed by Anonymous

Password flaw leaves MySQL, MariaDB open to brute force attack

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SecuraBit Episode 54: Lions and Tigers and Banking Trojans, OH MY!

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Sean-Paul Correll – @lithium -
Threat researcher at Panda Security

According to the Panda Annual security report, 66% of all malware are trojans:

Definition of a Banking Trojan.

Mariposa bot net take down:

Virus Total Web:

Appeared at Security B-side in San Francisco
Playing with Fire – Live Demonstration of Today’s Most Dangerous Malware

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Securabit Episode 17 for xmass Santa gave us an Nmap book to give away!!!

This is a unique episode for SecuraBit, we are teaming up with the Security Justice Podcast to do a double header show. SecuraBit recorded their show from 8-9 EST, then handed off the
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