SecuraBit Episode 42 – Phreaking Sweet Con in TN.
Phreaknic 13 – October 30 – November 1 2009
Phreaknic Curse
CCTV throughout hotel, great + for attending the con
Ware Chair Toss
Firing a jet engine in the parking lot.
Four Tracks
1 Cumberland (Main ballroom)
2 9th Floor (Vendor Area)
3 Cafe Area (Gaming)
4 Contest Area
Size of conferences
Running Conferences
#RoachesMustDie from ShmooCon 2009 via Security Justice
Microsoft Security Essentials –
New iTunes Store –
iKeepass –
Metasploit hiring in Austin, TX
Rockstar QA Engineer Needed –
New version of Pocket God for the iPhone
Hacker Consortium –
TechShop –

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